This new parking structure for the East Village of downtown Des Moines, Iowa is a unique urban design accomplishment. The parking ramp carves into the hillside and takes advantage of natural grade changes. The parking structure has no internal ramping system as it utilizes the natural grade of the site to create separate entrances to each level from the bordering streets, which maximizes parking. The three levels of parking will have a mix of public and private users filling a need for additional parking and acting as an amenity to the adjacent buildings in this area of East Village.

The openings in the structure along the north, west, and south facades provide ventilation and natural light to the interior of the structure and below grade via area wells along the south fa├žade for increased safety and wayfinding. There are two covered, open-air stair towers, one at the Northeast corner and another along the south at midblock. Adjacent to the south stair tower is a public elevator which connects all levels to an accessible pedestrian route from the parking structure to Grand Avenue and East 4th Street.



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Des Moines, Iowa


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Nelson Contruction & Development