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Our work can only attain the highest level of success when all parties contribute. Each project is based on a focused dialogue between our clients and consultants. Through that dialogue we begin to realize the intent of the project, while also understanding the individual client’s aspirations. We work collectively to develop a comprehensive understanding of the site, program & context. We firmly believe that all projects should contribute in a positive way to the to the culture of the surrounding community.  It’s not just about a building, but about the environments we are creating.

Following that discussion, we create an architectural narrative which addresses site, program, & context. The narrative provides a guideline from which our studio produces a series of design possibilities. All while engaging the client to critique and offer feedback for each option. Our designs are only improved through rigorous critique and reflection from within our office and other disciplines.

Our design work is developed through sketches and computer modeling software. These mediums allow both the architect and client to visualize the project as it develops. The modeling programs provide a seamless transition from conceptual design to construction documents and then to the finished product.